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close-up-contract-document-48148-300x199 The title of this post is misleading, all clauses in a purchase agreement are important. But, there are a few that are usually more argued over than others. Here is some information to improve the purchase agreement and protect yourself. This is part 1 of a series of blog post that will help you analyze your purchase agreements. When in doubt, consult a business attorney. Bay Area Corporate Counsel, in Tampa, Florida can help.

  1. Who is entering into the agreement?

A business selling its assets must be the “seller” because it is the owner of the assets. The owner of the assets is the business, not the individual that owns the business and therefore the business should be listed as the seller. Example. Buyer is buying a restaurant. Restaurant, LLC is the owner of the assets and should be listed as the seller, not Owner of Restaurant, LLC.

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