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I love this photo. I’m in Tampa and I hope to have a gigantic company and the ability to take my board members skiing in the Alps, all the while making it a deduction to the company. This post explains how I would do just that.

You should deduct every cent of travelling, hotel, and food associated with any board meeting or meeting of the managers. Lots of people don’t take advantage of this. It takes a little planning but can be worth it in the end.

Lets begin briefly with the basics. You can deduct ordinary and necessary expenses from your businesses income. What is ordinary? It’s everything that’s not extra-ordinary. For instance, buying a truck for 99% of tax payers is extra-ordinary, it’s not something you do often. But, Ford may purchase from its subsidiaries thousands of trucks, and therefore it would be ordinary. So, it’s fact dependent. If it’s extra-ordinary and necessary, then it will be amortized and depreciated over time. Whether or not something is necessary, is also up for grabs, but let’s not get silly. We know our Ferrari is usually not necessary but, if you’re a high-end broker and all your clients have Ferraris, you just might need one to fit in. I’m just saying, you can’t exactly stroll up in a Pinto to Tampa Palms and expect to be taken seriously. Nonetheless, board meetings are always ordinary and necessary but, that doesn’t stop the IRS from balking at the deduction. So here are some rules for deducting your week-long, Paris board meeting.


Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels.

Wait, what? My CPA isn’t telling me about all the deductions I could be taking or strategies I could use to reduce my tax bill? Then why am I paying him/her?

Frankly, you’re paying to produce a tax return so that you can file it with Uncle Sam and not get in trouble for not filing. Because, we all know what happens when you don’t file, right Wesley Snipes (I love that case, so funny, I mean really, did he think he was going to win)?

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